For a long time I liked using my earthenware aromatherapy diffuser. It delivered a lovely aroma, plus a real impression of ambiance in my room! That is why I shunned the popular electric powered essential oil diffusers after they started coming out in the marketplace. It seemed to me that these types of new diffusers were cold and clinical compared to the classic versions.

However, somewhere on the way I changed my mind. First of all, one thing I disliked with my ceramic diffuser was that I was going through tealight candles at a rapid rate. I decided to buy a few of the less costly tealight candles as a result, however they did not survive for as long and they left a great deal of soot on the bottom of the diffuser pan. If you ask me, this soot indicated the candles were poor quality. The last thing you need with aromatherapy is to dirty the air with soot and goodness knows what other air-borne pollutants. That is why, I chose the costlier tealight candles, however was not too impressed with the cost!

I have a good friend who utilizes essential oils in her business, and she informed me that she had started using the new electric powered diffusers. I told her of my skepticism and she described the benefits to me. For starters, there’s no mess and no soot, and you don’t need a consistent supply of good quality tealight candles either. Well, that was rather evident. Nevertheless, I still thought of electric diffusers in some way inferior. Determined to influence me, my friend gave me an overnight loan of hers. Well, I was prepared to give it a try, at least for a night!

The very first thing I immediately noticed once i tried it: I made use of a lesser amount of essential oil. This was a huge plus! In addition, it had the benefit of “set and forget”. I no longer had to regularly examine the amount of water to make certain I had enough (absolutely nothing is worse than burning your diffuser dry). I additionally discovered the smell created by the oils appeared to permeate the environment far better, even with using a lesser amount of oil. So, I did a little bit of investigation. Apparently , the electric diffusers are in some way able to produce microparticles of the essential oils, which lets them disperse even better.

Following an evening’s utilization of my friend’s diffuser I returned it, my opinion on these kinds of new fangled diffusers beginning to change. Having said that, I returned to employing my old ceramic diffuser. I used it for the next couple of days until finally I ran out of tealight candles again (at the conclusion of a very stressful day), and that is when I chose to go and get my personal electric aromatherapy diffuser.

Occasionally, I even now utilize my good old ceramic diffuser, I do believe more from nostalgia than anything else. On the other hand, most of the time it rests on my mantlepiece looking attractive rather than useful!

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