Well it’s January and we all know what that means. No, not crap weather and base miles, it means the start of a new American Idol season. We get to watch a few people get the chance to achieve their dreams, but mostly we get to be amused and laugh as people get their 15 minutes of fame as a 30 second clip. Why do so many people show up when it’s obvious that they have no talent? Why do we laugh at these people?

As much as I laugh at the off-pitch singing, blatant begging for a second chance and general human zaniness (is this a word???) I also admire these people. They see an opportunity and go for it. More people voted in total for the last American Idol than they did in the last US presidential election. This tells you something about how many people must actually watch the show (maybe John Kerry should have done his own rendition of “She Bangs” to increase voter turnout!!!). Therefore if these people, crazy or not, aspire to be seen by an international audience of several million viewers then every one of them achieves their goal. Regardless of whether or not they make it through to the next round. And who knows, if you tug on the right heartstrings, your 15 minutes of fame could easily extend by a minute or two, a la William Hung. The participants still had to get up off of their couches and leave their comfort zones. For that I applaud them, because God knows that 9 times out of 10, I will be laughing at them.

What does this have to do with triathlon, well nothing at all, except that I had this thought during a ride the other day! I’m not sure exactly how I got to it, but it was probably among the lines of:“Wow it’s raining again, I should eat or drink, yummy, sweat, sweat sugar, wow that chafes, gotta buy some bag balm, that’s okay because the body is wicked and must be punished, where did I hear that again? Time to start an interval, shit that car was close, frigging assholes, is it really worth it to buzz a cyclist? Okay big ring baby, I love this shit, this is what I need to be doing, mashing a gear in the rain, why would you want to sit on a couch when you can test your limits a bit, getting close to that 4 hour mark, drink a bit more, okay biatch time to pick it up, AND They’rrrre OFFF,.. zone out for a bit focusing on pedal stroke… alright Adam just like those squats, push,… start. Singing Johnny cash…I hurt myself today, man I wish I could sing, I wonder if I would try out for American Idol…” And that is how I probably got there.

I love how many fleeting thoughts one can have during a long ride, maybe that’s why I mostly choose to not ride with music. I am looking for those internal cues that will get me going, but there is one thing that I love more than training induced internal monologue, and that is absolute and total focus on the effort. When you can block your own mind off and just go! Well this Adam saying, “Adam out!” and remember, this only my opinion on the day. It is not a point and I am not trying to prove anything, therefore I cannot be wrong.