You’ve got your puppy that matches your lifestyle and now you want to train him. This is not the hardest process in the world, but you have to be prepared because it could take you a big amount of time. We said earlier and we will say it again, patience is crucial when it comes to training your puppy. We will show you 8 basic methods which you can help your dog learn. We are talking about doorways, meals, listen, take, sit, come, lie down and stand.

Let’s start with doorways:

– This method will help you and your dog to achieve going through every doorway with your dog. This shouldn’t be a difficult task for your dog because your puppy is following you everywhere you go around the house. You can take advantage of that opportunity and apply every technique. Walk to the door and before stepping through the doorway turn and look at the puppy straight to its face. When they want to follow you block them with your legs with confident stance. Ask them to listen and give them command to go through the door. Remember, patience is the key.


– Always eat before your dog and make sure the puppy knows you are eating. This will make them learn that their time will come after you finish. After you are done with your meal fill up their bowl with the food you want to give. If your puppy is very young you would want to give the food to them and not leave it to them to find it. As you give it to them always say take it. After they finish eating, hide the bowl.


This method is very useful to teach your dog to take everything you want to give them. By using the same words “take it” they already know something is ready for them, whether that will be a toy or a treat. The puppy will wait for you to say these words before reaching to it. This will be his favorite command.


This is one of those important commands and it should be the first command you teach your dog. Listen should be the method that will get you the attention of your puppy. It should be followed by other commands. It’s not that easy to teach him understand this command. Wait until your dog is resting or when he is bored. Take a few treats and use the word “listen” to get puppy’s attention. After the dog responds give him a treat with the “take it” rule. You can stop giving them treats after they learn this because they will realize something is going to happen after you want them to listen.


Your dog will learn this very quickly, but the command is the key. After you get your dog’s attention use something to make him come. You can clap, whistle, maybe a toy or something else. When he starts walking towards you give them the “Come” command. After they reach you always give them a reward for their good work.


This is tricky. Take a treat or his favorite toy and call your dog to come to you. Give him the listen command, take the treat and show it to him. Move the object from his nose above the head of the dog and they will sit. If not, try patting them gently on the rear until they sit. After they sit, always mention the command sit. After they acknowledge it, give your dog a treat for the good work.

Lie down

It’s the same like the sit method, but this time instead of moving the treat on the back of their head, try moving it down. Do the gentle patting if you must until they lie down. Don’t forget to use the “lie down” command. Give your puppy a treat after the good work.


Call your dogs and command them to listen. Take the tasty treat and command them to stand or stand still. Keep their treat visible to them all the time and when they try to take it, close the palm and say no. When they get back open up your palm and start with the commands all over again. When they learn it, reward them with the treat.

Remember, patience is the key. Be Sociable, Share!