Potty Training your puppy is one of the most wonderful experiences you may have. But I warn you, it will take patience and some effort. Here are some of the tips from the pros and practically tried out for you to practice. Never scold your puppy for making a mess. Not only it will confuse her, but she will be afraid of you. And being afraid is not a good thing.

If you just brought the puppy home then I kindly request you to read the article First Week, before you potty train your puppy. Not only your puppy will be more comfortable with you while you potty train her but she will already have the habit of not going at it inside your house.

After your puppy eats she will need to potty in about 5-15 minutes. But keep in mind; she might also need to potty after a training session, sleeping or playing with her toys.

Some of the indications she will give are sniffing the floor, visiting her frequent potty area and may do constant whining. What you will need to do is take her to the special potty area. Next, stand close by and wait for her to go. Yes, you may have to hold on your nose. After she’s done, praise her like you never did yesterday. And give her some treat. It is recommended to put your puppy on a leash while you are watching. So, that she doesn’t move around or leave the specific spot. You can read an article on leash training here.

The above method works great if you are watching your puppy. But in reality this isn’t the case. So, here are some ways you can teach her to potty inside a kennel or a crate. Purchase a well sized crate and make sure she can move around inside it freely. When she needs to potty and you see the signs, take her to the kennel and put her half way in. Meaning her behind should be inside, and her front should be outside. After she’s done, praise her and give her some treat. It will encourage her to potty inside the kennel.

If for some reason you take her to potty and she doesn’t go, chances are she doesn’t need to go just yet. All you have to do in this case is play with her a little more and then take her to the potty area. Over there, you can simply wait until she goes. You may have to repeat the cycle in order to potty successfully.

Always, remember a puppy doesn’t know what is right or wrong. She only does what you like in her actions. So, if she makes a mess just clean it up and don’t scold her. But when she goes next time, try your best to change it or setup an environment where she has no other choice but to do what you want.

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