Helen Gilchrist (Editor & Publisher)

Known for her fantastic singing voice, Helen nevertheless decided to forsake the glittering music career beckoning her to move back to Cornwall and set up Stranger magazine in 2004. After living in northern Spain, New Zealand and London (working as a freelance journalist, editor and production editor for Time Out, the Guardian, the Observer, the Independent, and Adrenalin magazine), Helen decided Cornwall was the perfect place to live and set up an inspirational new creative lifestyle magazine. Surf, fresh air, active outdoor life, space to think and all that. On the contrary, the seat-of-the-pants world of independent publishing means she spends a large amount of her time chained to her desk, talking to writers, illustrators and photographers from all over the place, trying to keep up with thousands of emails, dreaming up new ways of building the Stranger brand, and juggling numbers. Rock and roll.

A-Side Studio (Art Directors)

Design monkeys extraordinaire, the A-Side boys are making quite a name for themselves on the local, national and international scene. With their roots firmly planted in surf and skate culture, but taking inspiration from all over the place, A-Side push boundaries with their innovative art direction, illustration and typography. When they're not stuck in the attic in Stranger magazine production at 2am (fuelling themselves with a constant supply of Jammy Dodgers), A-Side have the likes of MTV, Discovery Channel, ESPN and FX Networks knocking on their door, as well as having their work featured in Dos Logos, Pictoplasma, Pulp and Iconography 2. A-Side are also Art Directing September, a beautiful surf, travel and art book which will be published by Stranger Publications in spring 2006. See www.a-sidestudio.co.uk for more.

Clare Howdle (Assistant Editor & Publisher)

The clumsiest member of the Stranger team, nothing is safe from being knocked over when Clare is in the office. When she isn't walking into things Clare divides her time between securing the best advertising for every issue, sorting out sponsorship, planning events, writing and editing as well as making the tea – it's all hands on deck in the Stranger office. Returning to her native Cornwall from London, Clare brings back with her four years of experience in television, public relations and marketing at Discovery Channel and agency work for big brands before that. Lured down to Cornwall by the promise of waves every weekend, she'll often be found kooking around in the white water. If she hasn't gone over on her ankle or walked into a wall that is.

Lotte Mahon (Publishing Assistant)

Originally hailing from the Northwest, Lotte ventured to Cornwall to study Broadcasting at Falmouth College of Arts and now she can never leave (no really they won’t let me go, help…). After graduating she was determined to keep her skills within the region and her quest for creative work began. After two years dabbling in short film and stage management, all she could find was a job with some mad women in an attic so after careful deliberation she decided to give them a go. Lotte now works as the local advertising whiz kid and helps out the mad ones with bits and pieces (plumping Helen’s cushions etc). In her spare time Lotte likes to daydream about Marvin Gaye and believes if she lived in 1960s Detroit he may well have married her.

Michael Fordham (Associate Editor)

Michael has a rock solid, 13-year career in magazine publishing. Starting as a freelance hack in the early 1990s on titles such as The Face, Esquire, Raygun, and Vibe, he became features editor on Dazed & Confused in 1996, moving on at the end of the decade to launch and editorially direct award-winning titles of his own such as Adrenalin and, most recently, Bogey magazine. An independent publishing salt skilled in bringing his unique vision to genre-busting magazines, Michael now turns his attentions to the development of Stranger and the launch of the September project in spring 2006.