Vacancy – Junior Fashion designer

Hello, readers.

Now this is a little different and will certainly not become common but in addition to the news, we also have a vacancy announcement. If you ever wanted to know how the fashion machine works from the inside, try yourself in new verticals, gain tons of invaluable experience and occasionally travel the world to visit fashion weeks in London, Paris, New York and a dozen of other fantastic places, check out the ad below.

Recently, a fashion week in Honolulu, Hawaii took place. It an annual event called Hawaiian Airlines Runway to Runway and luckily, it was a huge success. The fashion week consisted of seven fashion shows, a few public conferences, meet and greets with several up-and-coming designers and more. There was also an amazing shopping experience where over 40 designers set up shops right there in the market.

Now we already look forward to the next big fashion event which is the Fashion Week El Paseo. Similarly to the event in the Honolulu, there will be 7 fashion shows in a duration of 7 days not to mention all the amazing stuff they have prepared for you on the side. The biggest names include Zandra Rhodes and Marc Bouwer.

Tickets can already be purchased online and start as low as $35 for students and go up to $70 for adults. Naturally, group discounts and special VIP offers are also available and you can read all about it in the Fashion Week El Paseo official webpage.

So, what else in addition to the fashion shows awaits you? Like the last year, there will be a Le Chine canine fashion show as well as crazy popular trunk shows where lots of people can sell and shop around themselves for all kinds of clothing, jewelry and other valuables. Also, like last year there will be a luxurious hotel inside a huge tent. Last time people loved it so the organizers announced it will be ready for this time as well. Although, the location has slightly changed. This time the “big white tent” will be built on the top tier of the Gardens of El Paseo parking structure.

You may think from the last paragraph that this year will be just like the last one. In the announcement for the upcoming fashion week the organizers say that they are planning to bring the favorites from past years just because thousands of people loved them so much but they are also planning to introduce so new venues and attractions. Hope to see you there.

And now, as promised here’s the job ad for the vacancy of the junior designer. A company that will be featured in the Fashion Week El Paseo is looking for a designer assistant. Preferably, with at least some experience but that’s not obligatory. They are planning to flight out 3 best candidates to El Paseo and test their skills right there.

Among the responsibilities you will be facing is helping develop new designs, researching trends, sketching and sourcing fabrics. The vacancy is for a full-time job two years If you are interested in the position, contact us and we will give you the full information about the company and their requirements for the future employee.