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British Universities Sailing Association (BUSA) has recently issued a statement for all of their members. 2016 season is coming up and it’s about time to decide where will be the Playoffs held. Now every member club can apply to be host of the 2016 Playoffs.

However the time is very limited, so if you’re interested in hosting the Playoffs, contact BUSA right now.

And while we are writing this, Cardiff is hosting the first national sailing event of the academic year - BUCS/BUSA Fleet Championships that are about to kickoff. The expected turnover is huge. Around 30% more teams will be competing in this year’s competition.

    There are four categories of fleets:
  • Fast Handicap
  • Firefly
  • Laser
  • Slow Handicap

These fleets will likely see over two hundred sailors, both first-years students and professional sailors. It’s a great opportunity to kick off the academic year, learn something new and simply find new friends.