Southwest's Best Attractions

I don’t want to sound like a an old, grumpy man but it seems that with so much time we spend by looking at our mobile, tablet and computer screens, we miss so much what is actually going on in the real world. So for this reason, we are starting a series of articles about the best attractions in various regions in UK and a little further. Travelling for some people is quite hard so we figured that instead of doing top list of things to do and see by their type, like the best zoos in UK, we are going to focus on best things to see in your region. This may broaden your horizons a little bit and help you discover places you’ve never known that existed. These lists will be most suited for tourists but we hope that some of the attractions will be useful for locals as well.

So, let’s get right to it and we are staring with the best places to visit in Southwest. And we begin with an amazing place in Newquay – Trenance Gardens. It’s a zoo in Newquay, 20 miles from Bodmin. It’s a place where the young and the old will find as a getaway from the daily rut. Next to the zoo there’s also a Trenance Leisure Park. Pack your bags and make it a full day.

Glass blowing is not only a profession, it’s also an art that takes years to perfect. If you would like to see the process with your own eyes, visit the glass blowing demonstrations at Bath Aqua Glass. They offer an amazing show that will leave you breathless. You will get to know all the techniques of blowing glass, will be able to try it yourself and after the show you will have a chance to bring home a few souvenirs from the demonstration. The demonstration take place in the Walcott street, Bath.

National Marine Aquarium will teach you about all-things underwater. From fauna to flora, from regular fish to deep sea monsters. If you’re looking to spend an afternoon with lots of fun or want to excite your children about how nature works, visit this National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. It’s everything you might expect and much more.

The Railway station, West Somerset

What’s so special about a train station? Oh, you’d be surprised. Visit the West Somerset Railway station, learn some interesting facts about UK Railway history and inner workings of a train. Then, why not hop in on a train and take a pleasant 20 mile ride around the beautiful Somerset. You may enjoy the ancient harbor town of Watchet, Torre Cider Farm and lots of more. It’s really a trip that that you should take at least once.