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Oh look, another Cricket Championship ended

Sometimes it seems that the time just flies by. What looks to have happened only a few months ago, actually did a whole year back. So, we’re back to where we started 365 days ago – The American College Cricket National

Championship Final. While Cricket is huge in UK, Australia, India and lots of other places around the world, it’s still growing in US. And the proof of its truly immense growth is undeniable as this was the first year for the largest broadcaster in the world, ESPN to stream it live.

It was certainly a fantastic season filled with great performances, lots of joy and quite a few surprises. This year USF’s Cricket Club have done something incredible – they have won their very first National Title.

“We were desperate to put up a show and win for the supporters who were cheering for us on TV, in the stadium and, most importantly, for USF,”

said Vishwaksena Reddy Vuppunutula, a USF graduate student from India. And they certainly did.

USF Cricket Club also known as Bulls has put it 100% during the championship whether it’s the regular season, Ryerson University from Canada they had to beat in the quarter-finals, the semi-final with Rutgers or the final against Auburn. As the USF Cricket Club President Himavanth Reddy Ganta claimed, the team is practicing one a week for four hours. They generally focus on analysis of the mistakes made during the previous games and team cohesion.

Ganta himself is from Hyderabad and has been playing Cricket since he was only six years old.

When asked to introduce his USF Cricket Club, Ganta mentioned that there ate currently 87 players in the team, with several international students. The lineup of 15 best to play and represent their club and college at large is selected before every match. Ganta confessed that the hardest game for his team was the quarter-final with Ryerson University from Canada. He said they looked like a professional Cricket team when he was analyzing their play and beating them gave the Bulls confidence to match further, reach the final and of course, lift the coveted trophy in the end.