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Woman: Das Hexer (Sea)

Hello and welcome to another editions of reviews. Today we take a trip down the memory lane to review Woman: Das Hexer. It’s an indie punk record released in 2005 by the Sea record label.

Brief and to the point, they tend to sound like The Contortions, The Fall, Deerhoof and Dub Narcotic. One album in twelve minutes, no-language Japanese vocals and funk basslines. In terms of previous bands, Kristian played drums for Scout Niblett, Steve is in Leeds DIY heroes Birds of Prey and Guy is also in Peel faves The Static Waves.


1. digital watch
2. schadenfreude
3. cat feet
4. vexed
5. dreamweapon
6. pink light II
7. nuclear war

cat no.: C1793 format: cd mini album released: 06/03/06