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Return of Roughcut

An important message for Tropfest Roughcut, or simply Roughcut is coming back.

Who doesn‘t love a good movie? From the oldest times in the history of mankind, people have watched with admiration others dress up and impersonate various characters from animals, to everyday people, kings and emperors.

Nowadays we still can go to the theater to enjoy plays the same way that people enjoyed them for a thousand year but not necessarily.

TV and cinema are a big par of our lives that allow s to watch the best (and the worst) visual content that the world has created from the comfort of our own homes.

If you‘re craving for some amazing movies and films, there‘s one place you should go. That‘s Tropfest, a short film festival in Sidney, Australia. It‘s coming up in over a month and you can be among other few hundred people to watch these films, talks to cast members, directors, learn the tricks of the trade and find a lot of new friends.

In addition to Tropfest, the organizers are also planning the return of the Roughcut. Tropfest Roughcut is a series of free vents to visit during the Tropfest festival. It’s usually held in one day and not only you get to visit venues free of charge, you also get to meet creators, writers, designers and more. As the format of the Roughcut is constantly changing to make sure as many people as possible get to visit the venue, as well as a lot of depends on the sponsors, we cannot yet tell you the specific details about this year’s Roughcut. At this point it’s likely that for the most part the organizers will stick with last year’s format with the venue being opened in the morning, a panel of contributors will get on stage in the afternoon while snacks and wine will be provided in the evenings by sponsors such as Mud House Wines.

If you’ve never been to Tropfest, but you love good company, great films and amazing people from all around the world, consider booking your trip to Tropfest. For years now it has been the largest annual short film festival.

It’s a free festival with lots of fantastic things to see and experience. It’s held outdoors but that’s no problem for Australia that can almost guarantee the best weather to enjoy a festival such as Tropfest. And bets of all, due to huge support and hard work from the organizers, it is 100% free. So, if you find yourself somewhere around Sydney’s Centennial Park in February, make use to check out Tropfest.