Razor X Productions...

Razor X Productions consists of two, very talented people. Kevin Martin was born in London. He is a musician, producer and also a journalist. His partner, John Balloten is a DJ from Brandford, UK. He was born in 1965.

John got into music when he was a teenager. He was living in Edinburgh and when he was 13, he taught himself how to play the guitar. A few years later he gathered his first group, State Oppression. However, his career as a guitarist didn’t last long. He realized that this path is not for him so he moved to Brandford and started experimenting with all sorts of music styles, especially reggae.

Balloten is also known as The Rootsman from his work in the local Roots Record Shop. He also owned a record label Third Eye Music.

In 2006 Razor X Productions Killing Sound , their debut album. The album was recorded with the Rephlex record label. It combined a variety of sound, genres, and styles in a form of 20 tracks. Some of the exceptional songs include Killer, WWW, Boom Boom Claat, I Don’t Know, Killer Queen and a few others.

Killing Sound combines reggae and electronic music, and is closest to breakcore and dancehall styles.