Hold It Down by the VIP Music Group

VIP Music group was formed Musah Haruna also known as Friction. He proposed this idea to his several friends and in the 1990 VIP Music Group was born. VIP (Vision in Progress) Music Group consisted of five members at first including Friction, Promy (Emmanuel Promzy Ababio), Lazzy (Abdul Hamid Ibrahimhey), Prodigal (Joseph Nana Ofori) and Bone who later had t leave to US to finish his studies at the university. Soon after they formed the group, they started working on their music and performing ad various parties, street festivals, clubs all around Accra, in Ghana.

The interesting thing about VIP Music Group that they actually included Friction’s dog Chicago as a member of the group. Moreover, Chicago is a featured in several tracks of the VIP Music Group, you can hear him bark in the background.

VIP Music Group did beat all the odds and suddenly five friends from Ghana became international music stars. They collected numerous awards from Ghana Music Awards and elsewhere while later they even released a documentary about the group. The 110 minute documentary is called Home Grown: hip life in Ghana and was produced by Eli Jacobs Fantauzzi, an American filmmaker. Since the release, the documentary has travelled all around the world in various festivals and has been nominated for awards numerous times.

VIP Music Group’s Hold it Down is not the most famous song by the group but maybe it’s just too soon to tell?

Hold It Down features theCORE, Blackstar and T-Nice and was produced by Young World Records. It was released as part of the Blackstar’s mixtape.