Freestylers, MC SirReal – Electrified

Hello ad welcome to another review.

Today we are looking at an amazing squad and their work. What you need to know about freestylers is, well a lot. But you can start with two names – Matt Cantor and Aston Harvey. They were the ones that gathered DJ’s, beatboxers, break dancers and make Freestylers happen. It all began in 1996 however both Harvey and Cantor knew each other and were heavily involved in the music business since 1990.

Even though there used to be more of them, Andrew Galea, MC Navigator and Tenor Fly are no longer with the Freestyler so the official lineup including Cantor and Harvey also consists of MC Sir Real and Chris Bishop.

Freestylers have released 5 albums. The first was We Rock Hard, then three years later they released Pressure Point. Both were in cooperation with the Freskanova record label. After three more years in 2004 they released an album called Raw as F**k, which is also an unofficial name for the Freestylers. The album was followed by Adventures in Freestyle, released in 2006 in cooperation with the PIAS record label and the most recent album is called The

Coming Storm. It was recorded with Rub-a-Duck record label and released in 2013.

Electrified comes from their fourth album, Adventures in Freestyle. It features MC Sir Real who is also the co-producer of the track, Ragman, Bad Manner and Ayak. It’s the eight track of the album. Electrifies was released in April 9, 2007 as a single.