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DJ-Kicks "The Glimmers"

DJ-Kick is a compilation of DJ-styled mixes that started back in 1995. Since them over 50 compilations have been released and every time it’s a different artist. Names include Tiga, Chicken Lips, Rockers Hi-Fi, Claude Young and many, many others.

50 different compilations are naturally too much to talk about in one sitting. So, we won’t. But we do want to introduce you briefly to the DJ-Kicks series because it’s fantastic. Surely, it had some good albums as well as bad ones but that’s exactly what you expect form something lasting over two decades. Compilations include lots of different styles, artists and even occupations from your everyday DJ’s, to bands and producers, from musicians to remixers and much more.

DJ-Kicks first started in 1995 with DJ Kicks – C.J. Bolland album. In included 15 electronica genre tracks from the Studio !K7. Since then Studio !K7 became the official label of DJ Kicks series.

There once particular compilation we want to talk about. It’s DJ Kicks: The Glimmers. It was released on April 5, 2005 and became on of the best rated DJ Kick series albums. The album consists of 18 tracks compiled by the

Glimmers and include such names like Shack Up (Bis), Can you Move (Modern Romance), Feast Dub (Two Lone Swordsmen).

Everyone has their own taste in music and I won’t blame you if you will not try but I do recommend very much listening to this album.