Cornish graduates receive Unlocking Potential Award

Receiving awards for your hard work must be an amazing feeling. You spend hours and hours to perfect something, you go up against the best specialists in your field and finally the moment of truth comes. The jury comes out to announce the winner. You hold your breath praying that they would utter your name. Just this once. You deserve it. Yo0u gave it your best. And when they say your name you ca not withhold your tears of joy. You won. Countless hours have finally paid off.

That’s must be how Cornish graduates are now feeling. It was certainly not the easiest thing to do but they did it. They came out as the winners of Unlocking Potential awards.

Unlocking Potential is over a decade old. They have been supporting people to develop and business grow in and around Cornwall. They helped over 1300 gradates unlock their potential and find jobs in over 800 businesses.

Naturally, being recognized by such an organization is a huge honor. Nominees are announced in 5 main categories including Excellence in Project Management, Contribution to Business Improvement, Best Use of ICT, Contribution to Business Growth and Individual Achievement. There are also a Gateway Graduate of the Year and Commitment to Growth through Graduate Talent awards.

We want to congratulate all 200 graduates that were nominated and invited to the Princess Pavilions Celebration Event to the Unlocking Potential Celebration Event. But most of all we want to congratulate 9 special Cornish graduates who claimed the main award of the year.

When commenting on the awards and the organization itself, one of the students emphasized how important they are for Cornwall as graduates often have “no place to go”. He said:

”with little to none experience graduates often struggle to find good jobs while the Unlocking Potential initiative allows students and businesses find each other. Students actually get first row seats at their potential jobs while businesses get to try out their potential employees and choose the best ones. Even if you don’t stay in the field after you graduate, it gives you real work experience and a sort of understanding where you want to go as opposed to finishing college and only them trying to discover the place where you belong. That definitely helps Cornwall thrive and in the need of the day, isn’t it what we all want?”