Bonobo: It came...

Bonobo : It Came From the Sea was released in 2005. The album was released by Ninja tune and consists of 20 songs. Even though it was mixed by Bonobo, he’s not the only DJ in the album.

Bonobo (real name Simon Green) is an English musician, producer and DJ. He was born in 1976, got into music and became a professional DJ in 1999. Bonobo is not the only name he uses as you may also heard of him as Barakas.

Bonobo is a DJ of a variety of styles, a variety if samples. Often, his mixes are linear meaning every new element comes in to the mix one by one. In 2014 Bonobo performed a series of live concerts accompanied by a live band.

He released his first song “Terrapin” in 1999 through Tru Thoughts label and after reaching some success, he went to record and released a full album “Animal Magic” in 2000. Later he released a few more albums such as Dial M for Monkey, Days To Come, Black Sands, The North Borders. The last one was released in 2013 and is the only album from Bonobo that reached Top 100 charts across Europe reaching as high as 29th place in the UK charts.

Bonobo kas also collaborated with several other artists to release separate albums and Singles from 200 to 2014. He also produced Andreya Triana’s album “Lost Where I belong” album and DELS “Pulls” as a single.

It Came from the Sea is a DJ mix album by Bonobo. It features the work of Diesler, Karminsky Experience, Flevans, Black Grass, Solid Steel Players, Belgradeyard Sound system, Paul Murphy, King Seven, Jazz Juice, Narr Adderley,

Hugo Maldoro, Trouble Man, Amon Tobin, Savath and Savalas, Super Numeri and five tracks from the Bonomo himself.